You are the director of sales for a company named International Data Storage Services (IDSS) Custom Essay

You are the master of sales control a crew denominated International Postulates Storage Services (IDSS), a crew that provides postulates storage services control companies complete balance the universe. Your employees are located complete encircling the universe and telecommute; essentially, complete they need is a computer and telephone. You possess been launched on bringing in as sundry clients as feasible and fitting landed a $2 favorite abridge with Credit Postulates International, which has 100 offices encircling the universe. Advancemore, complete result is uploaded through electronic digital reciprocation (EDI). To-boot, in a wired universe, paperless abridges are the rectilinearity.
In scanty of some strange accounts hereafter into the crew and launched to elevate its strange services, IDSS has to-boot created a lacking trademarks to fix and protects its innovative technologies that possess been open in-house.
You possess been asked to update your open advice on 5 greater offsprings and challenges that may assume the abridge the legitimate team needs to transcribe precedently concern can commence. You flow to fit a gift that focuses on unanalogous areas the team needs to rejoin to when they transcribe the touch.
Create a 6–8 PowerPoint slides (referable including epithet or relation slides) with 100–150 language of orator referablees per slide. The gift should cbalance the following:
Define 4 unanalogous principles, and then illustrate how they could be applied to this scenario.
Define and roll 1 apex offspring encircling psychological wealth.
Define and roll 1 apex offspring encircling cyber principle.
Define and roll 1 apex offspring encircling abridge principle.
Choose 1 other principle that could be applied to this scenario.
Choose 1 advance principle, and learning a common contingency that can minister as an issue in this birth. Create a brief balanceview of the contingency, what happened, and the issue.

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