You are an IT Administrator for a newly founded company and have been tasked with designing an IP addressing scheme and a plan for allocation and management of IP addresses Custom Essay

You are an IT Administrator control a newly founded assemblage and feel been tasked with sharp an IP discourseing proposal and a pur-pose control alsubsidence and government of IP discoursees. The assemblage procure currently feel a sole, substantial subsidence with almost 145 hosts (computers, printers, anticipation). IT pur-poses should settle 50% augmentation amid the proximate couple years. At a insufficiency, discourse these inequitable questions, in adduction to other concerns/considerations: 1. What subnet range/s should be used? 2. Should IP discoursees be dynamically or statically assigned? 3. Should undivided or over network/subnets be used? If DHCP is used, should a router, firewall or Windows Server be utilized and why?

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