Why do you want to complete a program in Marriage and family therapy? What are your goals professionally? Custom Paper

Discuss your family origin and describe how your role in family and other life experiences have impacted your desire and ability to be a marriage and family therapist.
The ethical of MFT indicates that the professionals will provide assistance to individuals without discrimination. Based on this information reflect personal life experiences and values and discuss any challenges or growth areas that you may have working with a group of diverse individuals.
Please describe a time in your life where you received feedback from another person and it was difficult to hear. Why was it difficult to hear? What did you learn about yourself in that experience?
What strengths do you have that will help you both successfully complete a graduate degree in MFT and be successful with your therapy with your clients?
How will you balance your personal and your professional interests with the time and effort that will be needed to complete your course work and clinical training in this program?

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