:why do chinese students choose study their first degree in SOAS compared to any other place in England? Custom Paper

Why do chinese students choose study their first degree in SOAS compared to any other place in England?

1. All tutorial classes are dedicated to a practical project. They will consist of classroom discussion, small-group discussions, reporting on project activities, etc.

2. The project gives practice in planning a case study.

3. The research field is Chinese students in UK universities / SOAS.

4. Form groups of 3 or four – no more than 4.

5. In your group, formulate a research question arising from this field. You are free to ask your own question, or you can choose from the list given over, or adapt one from the list. Check your group’s question with me.

6. Assume that this project is being researched and written for the Marketing Department in SOAS, which needs to learn more about all aspects of Chinese students in the UK. They have agreed to your research question, and will use your findings to conduct further related research or to market SOAS courses more effectively. They have allocated two months in which to conduct and write up the project, and have asked for about 5,000 words.

7. You have devoted several weeks to planning all project activities, and to designing a time line. Unfortunately, just before DAY 1 on your time line, you have to return to your home abroad.
You have been asked to pass your plans on to another person, Dave. Dave will be responsible for researching and writing up the project. But he has not been previously involved in this project and needs your instructions as to what needs to be done. He may also need you to explain why.
The ASSIGNMENT is to write the instructions for Dave. You are NOT expected to conduct the research or to write it up; that is his job.

8. In your group, plan some or all of the following
– what data you need
– how you will find informants
– what qualitative research tools you need in order to collect the data
– whose assistance or cooperation you need in collection
– what other resources you need (finance, IT, etc.)
– whether to pilot the research tools, and if so, how you pilot
– how you will analyse the data
– the literature survey (list the areas of literature only and some specific references. You do not need to make a full survey)
– if you decide to use an interview or survey, give examples of questions you will ask.
– etcetera, etcetera.

9. Develop a time line, showing how much importance you give to the main activities and how they interlock.

10. Individually, write a report on your group plan. This gives full details of your planning. Write 3,000 words. I do not want the same report from all members of the group. Express your own ideas, opinions, concerns, comments, etc.

11. Write up the report as though you going to hand it on to Dave for implementation. Give as much detail as possible, and make your intentions clear.

12. The assignment – your advice to Dave – will be counted as your semester assignment, and will be graded for credit. It must be submitted to the faculty office on or before 20 March, and should be completed within 3,000 words.

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