which tells MAL MIXON’S history, style, management practice, values, motivation, etc. Custom Paper

Extent to which article is based on a theme(s), angle or conceptualization that delivers valuable information to the reader.
Cleverness quotient of your article title, subtitle, chapter headings and other devices used to facilitate understanding, interest and accessibility to/of the reader.
Extent to which you employ sidebar capsules, factoids, quotes, etc.
to increase the article’s memorability and impact on the reader.
Extent to which the reader will have learned something new, gained some valuable insight, and or be able to utilize information in your article as the basis for personal or organizational change.
Basic Literacy Extent to which your article leads the reader to feel “yes” or “wow” or “what an interesting point” or “I think I will give that a try”.
Extent to which your article might be published in a practice-oriented management journal like the Harvard Business Review or Fortune Magazine.
Creativity always gets Gorilla bonus points

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