What was the greatest point Steve Jobs made that you can use for your future Custom Essay

– What was the greatest point Steve Jobs made that you can use for your future?
– What course/skill/class have you taken that will have the greatest impact on your future (similar to Steve Jobs Calligraphy Course)?
– How will learning about technology have a direct impact on your future career in business?

watch the following videos.

The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy

Michael Porter on Competitiveness

Create a porter’s five forces model for one of the following and submit it as your quiz this week.

– Gum
– Milk
– Backpacks
– Apple iPad
– Apple iPhone
– Apple iPod

finally i want you to respond to these two reviews in a few sentence:

1: The greatest thing I took away from Jobs’ speech was the idea that the little things you learn throughout life can have an influence on your future even if it was not planned. As I progress through my college career there is a lot of pressure to have a plan and not “waste” any time on jobs or classes that will not help me in the future. It was refreshing to hear Jobs say that those unplanned classes can be beneficial even if it is not entirely clear how. It renewed my desire to take courses that are not necessarily related to my major.

I am not sure which course will influence my future the most since that is hard to predict but I will say that one course I especially enjoyed taking was an intro course to gender women studies. After taking the course on gender women studies I am more aware of my surroundings and find that I understand the society I live in a little better. I think that the gained knowledge from that course will allow me to make more informed decisions especially with all of the hot button issues that are currently being discussed.

I believe that society today is deeply affected by technology. It is impossible to be separated from technology and in order to succeed you must be able to work with it. It would be ignorant to ignore something that is so influential in the business world. I think that learning about technology and its role will only benefit me in the future as I will have to work with many forms of technology. I especially think that since I am a part of a technology driven generation that if I do not understand technology I will be behind my peers. Companies that will be hiring the next generation of workers will expect them to understand technology and social media. If I want to be successful in the future then I should know about different forms of technology and its uses. I am sure that any job I apply for will involve some usage of technology.

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