What role does costume play in defining codes of morality and femininity? Custom Paper

Question 1 : What role does costume play in defining codes of morality and femininity?
Please make sure that if you use quotes from a book use quotation marks and what page you got it
from (Harvard referencing)
if I get my essay back and there is no quotation marks on any quote you have used and not
referenced it right by putting the page number I want my money back as this has happened before
and I started panicking because I had to hand in my work instead I had to send it back to you guys
to re do it .
Here are the movies you should watch before you write anything
• Introduction and morality
Performing feminity
Clothes collaboration , impact aim of the film
Judith butler -Spectacle
Merion have done femininity as masquerade
Few words about costume what is the difference between costume and dress
On stage and off stage costume in the movie
Homo attraction Richer Ryer on gays- Ann Kaplan book
The end of world war 2
During the war woman had to work in the factory and take mans jobs
When the man came back from war woman had to go back being woman
Talk about 2 woman – one good one bad _ the killers ( talk briefly about what kittie is wearing and
Virginia there we have two archetype of morality one is nurturing woman one femme fatale.( focus
on the clothing . who’s who . the transformation to Gilda when she pretends to be a femme fatale
and Eve when introduced as a nurturing woman
Vice versa as they change role from beginning to end.
Man were dominant and woman were submissive _ patriarchal society earned money and woman
First wave feminist was in 1920 – voting and second wave is in 1960 – sexuality, independency (3rd

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