What is the authors aim?: What does this text add to your body of knowledge? (This could be in terms of theory, Custom Essay

UK english
Pick one Recent Article No Later than 2012 Relating to a drug delivery system o nanoparticles
– For the article you selected; Add Title, Authors, Journal and write a summary (750 words) and your own critical opinion of the paper (500 words)
– Search engines recommended : http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed and http://www.sciencedirect.com/
– Journals recommended: Journal of Controlled Release, Expert Opinion Drug Delivery, European Journal of Pharmacology, Therapeutic Delivery, Pharmaceutical Research, International Journal of Pharmaceutics, European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Marking format
Some criteria for evaluating text/review
Possible focus questions
• What is the authors aim?
• What does this text add to your body of knowledge? (This could be in terms of theory,
data and/or practical application)
• What relationship does it bear to other literature you have read?
• What claims are made?
• What kind of evidence does the text rely on?
• How effective is the evidence in supporting the theory?
• What conclusions are drawn?
• Are these conclusions justified?
What criteria can be used for evaluating a research article/review?
• The following criteria are useful; not all of them will be relevant for evaluating all articles:
• The timeliness of the article
• The degree to which the article makes an original contribution
• The logic of the view put forward
• The methodology used
• Is the methodology appropriate?
• Is the methodology approach explained clearly?
• Does the methodology approach have any weaknesses?
• Is the study sufficiently comprehensive and thorough?
• Is anything important omitted in the research?
• Are the findings presented and described clearly and fully?
• Do the findings seem sound/authentic/realistic?
• Could the data be interpreted another way?
• Do/does the author(s) account for everything in the data or do they ignore something
that might be important?
• Its value compared to that of other articles on the topic.
• The appropriateness of the article for the intended audience.
• The extent to which it might satisfy the specific needs of a specific user.

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