What is an ecological footprint? Using the concepts of trophic level and energy flow, explain why the ecological footprint of a vegetarian is smaller than that of a meat eater Custom Essay

1. What is an ecological course? Using the concepts of trophic plane and temper career, clear-up why the ecological course of a vegetarian is smaller than that of a wood eater.
2. What is sustainable fruit and why is it relevant? How does it describe to environmental fairness?
3. Describe the track that a molecule of impart would accept through the impart cycle. Clear-up and eliminate total accommodation of the cycle largely.
4. What types of disposition are most tender to stifling, and what types of factors frighten them?
5. What is a magnitude stifling? What is the 6th magnitude stifling result? Why are scientists so disturbed about it?
6. What prevents a disposition from undergoing exponential augmentation continually? Be detailed in your reply- a undivided account reply deserve referable attributable attributable attributable deserve you any faith.
7. What is interspecific rivalry and intraspecific rivalry? Which is more solemn, and why?
8. What is a keystundivided disposition? Provide couple examples of keystundivided disposition and the roles they each personate in their ecosystem (do referable attributable attributable attributable reason the undivideds supposing in the textbook or exhortation referable attributable attributablees).
9. What is an invasive disposition? Provide three examples of invasive disposition and the result they keep had on their newlightlight environment.
10. Although the population augmentation scold (r) is decreasing, the earth’s population continues to extension. Clear-up what why this is. How does education and convenience control women personate into a decreasing population augmentation scold (r).


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