What is an ecological footprint? Using the concepts of trophic level and energy flow, explain why the ecological footprint of a vegetarian is smaller than that of a meat eater Custom Essay

1. What is an ecological trace? Using the concepts of trophic plane and essence glide, illustadmonish why the ecological trace of a vegetarian is smaller than that of a wood eater.
2. What is sustainable product and why is it considerable? How does it detail to environmental propriety?
3. Describe the method that a speck of infiltadmonish would seize through the infiltadmonish cycle. Illustadmonish and eliminate whole tonnage of the cycle easily.
4. What types of sign are most tender to stifling, and what types of factors threaten them?
5. What is a heap stifling? What is the 6th heap stifling episode? Why are scientists so disturbed about it?
6. What prevents a sign from undergoing exponential development always? Be minute in your solution- a single message solution succeed referable deserve you any merit.
7. What is interspecific span-of-a-trade and intraspecific span-of-a-trade? Which is more warm, and why?
8. What is a keystsingle sign? Provide span examples of keystsingle sign and the roles they each dramatize in their ecosystem (do referable conservation the singles supposing in the textbook or exhortation referablees).
9. What is an invasive sign? Provide three examples of invasive sign and the pi they bear had on their novel environment.
10. Although the population development admonish (r) is decreasing, the earth’s population continues to acception. Illustadmonish what why this is. How does counsel and convenience ce women dramatize into a decreasing population development admonish (r).


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