What exceptions to copyright law and possible organizational structure for advertising agencies Custom Essay

1. What advantage of transparency that applies to the employee-employer relationship was discussed in Chapter 10? (Points : 1)
Both employee and employer can make use of deceptive tactics and optional disclosure of their motivations.
When transparency becomes the widely-accepted norm, consumers have a harder time identifying and interpreting the commercial intent of messages.
Employees and employers are less inclined to give full measure of effort to meeting the terms of the employment contract.
Employees and employers are better able to find a suitable match of values when both behave with transparency.

2. What exceptions to copyright law were discussed in Chapter 10 that allow use of others’ intellectual property? (Points : 1) Musical or artistic work
Output that has no commercial value
Parody and fair use
Unpublished intellectual property

3. Which of the following lists was presented in Chapter 10 as a possible organizational structure for advertising agencies? (Points : 1) Strategy, creative, engineering, and quantitative.
Paid, earned, owned, and shared.
Catalysts, connectors, strategists, and creators.
Interactive design, social marketing, quantitative analysis, and account manager.

4. As discussed in Chapter 10, why should marketers in health care settings be aware of HIPAA
requirements and restrictions? (Points : 1) To assure data-driven marketing techniques comply with limits regarding disclosure of personal health information.
To be prepared to communicate the impact of regulations with policy makers in the health care systems.
To enhance their familiarity with the best research practices in health care settings.
To serve as a conduit for best practices between administrators, regulatory authorities, and healthcare providers.

5. What reason was discussed in Chapter 10 for new marketers to join industry trade groups and other professional associations? (Points : 1) To differentiate themselves from competitors.
To show willingness to take on responsibility.
To continue learning about emerging issues and practices.
To respond to the major forces identified with Marketing 3.0.

6. Which of the following was NOT discussed in Chapter 10 as an area of opportunity for marketers? (Points : 1) Governmental social marketing
Corporate marketing departments
Advertising agencies

7. Which answer conveys an obligation of employees toward their employers discussed in Chapter 10? (Points : 1) The employee should place higher value on following directions from the employer than on individual ethical or moral behavior.
The employee should set aside personal ethical views and guidelines while working on the employer’s behalf.
The employee should behave ethically toward the company’s stakeholders and customers.
The employee should avoid overly deceptive communications about the company’s policies or products.

8. The marketing function of a business returns value to its owners and investors. Which of the following examples illustrates that value generated? (Points : 1) A business underwrites a weekly news show on public television that features a debate between editorial columnists with differing political views.
A governmental agency launches an anti-obesity campaign that encourages individuals to enroll in workplace weight-loss support groups.
A business fields a survey designed to assess brand awareness both before and after a marketing campaign. The post-campaign survey showed a 7 percent increase in brand loyalty.
A font company pays for product placements in an independent film about typography, allowing the film to achieve distribution through art schools and reach more type enthusiasts.

9. Which marketing practice listed here was NOT included in the discussion of unacceptable practices in
Chapter 10? (Points : 1) Identity theft
Invasion of privacy
Manipulation of vulnerable consumers

10. Why are ad agencies now hiring more employees with quantitative analysis skills, according to
Chapter 10? (Points : 1) Because those individuals tend to succeed in the graphic design of sales promotions.
To produce graphics that help non-experts understand quantitative data.
Because those individuals tend to have technical skills like writing programming code.
To build a team with mathematical insight in addition to traditional advertising skills.

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