What does it mean to be human? How does “race” and “racism” figure into this? Custom Essay

Define, explain and develop the two major paradigms of racism: “racism as a set of attitudes” and “racism of system of power.” Incorporate into your discussion, the concepts of “prejudice,” “stereotype,” “discrimination,” and “ethnocentrism.” What roles do “ideology,” “social structure,” “racial inequality,” and “hegemony” play in illuminating these two paradigms of “racism?” Are “race” and “racism” one in the same? Which paradigm best describes how you understand and apply the concept of “race” Which paradigm best describes how you understand and apply the concept of “racism?” What are the central frames of “colorblind racism,” according to Bonilla-Silva and how do they tie into these paradigms? Which paradigm (“set of attitudes” or “system of power,”) does “colorblind racism” locate itself within? Who are “colorblind racists?” Do you know “colorblind racists?” Are you a “colorblind racist?” Are you a “color-conscious racist?” Do you know of “color-conscious racists?” What does Bonilla-Silva mean that there is “racism without racists?” What’s the difference? And finally, after analyzing and critically interrogating the various paradigms of “racism,” would you agree that the United States is a “racist” country? Why? Why not? If you agree, explain what you mean, using these paradigms to support your position. If you do not agree, explain what you mean by using these paradigms to support your position. Furthermore, choose a “current event” that has occurred between the dates of February 4th – April 4th, 2013 that supports your position that either “The United States is a ‘racist’ country.” or “The United States is a not a ‘racist’ country.” If you have a different position, please support your analysis. Please use all of your class sources and current event article to support your arguments. Use academic sources only. Don’t not use dictionary definitions or wikipedia.

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