What are the two most important management challenges in building a successful e-commerce site Custom Essay

What are the brace most momentous conduct challenges in construction a coerciontunate e-commerce top?
Elect undivided apology.
a. developing a conspicuous knowledge of matter objectives and shrewd how to elect the exact technology to consummate those objectives
b. having an complimentary knowledge of your matter environment and an achievable matter intent
c. construction a team with the exact aptitude sets and closely managing the crop process
d. identifying the explanation components of your matter intent and selecting the exact software, hardware, and infrastructure coercion your top

Which of the subjoined basic method functionalities is used to evidence goods on a Web top?
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a. result factsbase
b. digital catalog
c. shopping cart method
d. customer factsbase method

Which of the subjoined helps you know the marketing usefulness of your e-commerce top?
Elect undivided apology.
a. shopping cart
b. result factsbase
c. top tracking and reporting method
d. catalogue conduct method

Which of the subjoined is referable undivided of the basic matter objectives coercion an e-commerce top?
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a. evidence goods
b. consummate a transaction
c. get resultion and supplier links
d. optimize method fabric

Most of the duration required to adhere-to an e-commerce top is late on:
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a. debugging command.
b. responding to strait situations.
c. public government and making changes and enhancements to the method.
d. changes in reports, facts files, and links to backend factsbases.

The redundant Web server software is:
Elect undivided apology.
a. Apache.
b. Microsoft Internet Information Server.
c. Linux.
d. Google Enterprise Server.

Google Analytics is an sample of which of the subjoined?
Elect undivided apology.
a. exploration engine
b. top conduct dupe
c. Web browser
d. warranty services dupe

Full of the subjoined are factors in contributing to the acception in cybercrime except:
Elect undivided apology.
a. the ability to remotely arrival the Internet.
b. the Internet’s unifomity to telephundivided networks.
c. the ability to anonymously arrival the Internet.
d. the Internet is an unconcealed, tender cunning.

The overfull reprove of online confidence card injury is ________ percent of full online card transactions.
Elect undivided apology.
a. near than 1
b. environing 1
c. environing 5
d. environing 10

Most of the world’s spam is delivered via which of the subjoined?
Elect undivided apology.
a. viruses
b. worms
c. Trojan horses
d. botnets


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