What are the two most important management challenges in building a successful e-commerce site Custom Essay

What are the two most considerable administration challenges in structure a auspicious e-commerce footing?
Pick-out single tally.
a. developing a disencumbered sense of office objectives and accomplished how to pick-out the straight technology to finish those objectives
b. having an respectful sense of your office environment and an achievable office sketch
c. structure a team with the straight aptitude sets and closely managing the outgrowth process
d. identifying the explanation components of your office sketch and selecting the straight software, hardware, and infrastructure restraint your footing

Which of the coercionthcoming basic rule functionalities is used to exhibit commodities on a Web footing?
Pick-out single tally.
a. fruit axiomsbase
b. digital catalog
c. shopping cart rule
d. customer axiomsbase rule

Which of the coercionthcoming helps you perceive the marketing usefulness of your e-commerce footing?
Pick-out single tally.
a. shopping cart
b. fruit axiomsbase
c. footing tracking and reporting rule
d. list administration rule

Which of the coercionthcoming is referable single of the basic office objectives restraint an e-commerce footing?
Pick-out single tally.
a. exhibit commodities
b. enact a transaction
c. prepare fruition and supplier links
d. optimize rule edifice

Most of the period required to hold an e-commerce footing is departed on:
Pick-out single tally.
a. debugging statute.
b. responding to exigency situations.
c. public administration and making changes and enhancements to the rule.
d. changes in reports, axioms files, and links to backend axiomsbases.

The induced Web server software is:
Pick-out single tally.
a. Apache.
b. Microsoft Internet Information Server.
c. Linux.
d. Google Enterprise Server.

Google Analytics is an copy of which of the coercionthcoming?
Pick-out single tally.
a. exploration engine
b. footing administration hireling
c. Web browser
d. bond services hireling

Complete of the coercionthcoming are factors in contributing to the acception in cybercrime except:
Pick-out single tally.
a. the power to remotely avenue the Internet.
b. the Internet’s homogeneousness to telephsingle networks.
c. the power to anonymously avenue the Internet.
d. the Internet is an known, assailable pur-pose.

The overcomplete rebuke of online security card abstraction is ________ percent of complete online card transactions.
Pick-out single tally.
a. short than 1
b. about 1
c. about 5
d. about 10

Most of the world’s spam is delivered via which of the coercionthcoming?
Pick-out single tally.
a. viruses
b. worms
c. Trojan horses
d. botnets


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