Using the Internet, access the SEC 10-K annual report for a publicly traded company of your choice Custom Paper

Your paper should use one-inch margins on the left, right, top, and bottom of each page, and a font set at 12 point.
Written Assignment: SEC 10-K Analysis
Using the Internet, access the SEC 10-K annual report for a publicly traded company of your choice. The company must be a manufacturing concern with inventory and accounts receivable. Review the company’s MD&A as well as financial statements and the accompanying footnotes. Use this information to prepare your analytic results. You may want to seek additional background and comparative data on the business.
Your paper should briefly describe your assessment of the firm’s activities and plans for the future. The content of your paper should focus on accounting issues and include words used in our accounting course, including financial accounting as well as managerial accounting. An example would be a discussion on inventory: how it is valued, whether there is a WIP account, and other details you will learn this semester.
Use terms from our course and create displays using the SEC 10-K for your company. The use of headings will label the sections in your paper. You should present inventory turnover, days sales in inventory, days sales in accounts receivable, and other financial analysis from our course, both for the current year and as they relate to changes in accounts from one year to the next. Your goal is to explain the financial statements and the information of the SEC 10-K with the knowledge you learn in our course. While not explaining every item in the SEC 10-K, your paper should tell a story and illustrate your mastery of accounting terms and concepts. No more than one page should be devoted to your company’s history and nonfinancial information.

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