Two legal problems using your knowledge of Contract law Custom Essay

The assignment has two scenarios or legal problems. You are required to solve these two legal problems using your knowledge of Contract law only. You do not need to consider Australian Consumer Laws or any other laws even though you may find them relevant. You are expected to use IRAC/ILAC format that you have learnt in your class.
If you have any questions, please ask your lecturer or tutor.
Scenario 1:
Kathy, based in Brisbane, is a renowned public speaker in the area of Human Rights. She is invited as a key note speaker at a two-day conference in Balart on Interplay between Human Rights and Economic Development
Organisers of the conference promised Kathy accommodation and return tickets from Brisbane to Melbourne. Kathy is responsible for her travel to and from Melbourne Airport which is 107 km away from Balart. It takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes by car but longer by other public transport.
Kathy’s key note paper Generation Y and Intergenerational Rights deeply moved the participants and especially Mark and Laura, students of Fundamentals of Law at the University of Balart. Mark and Laura joined Kathy during the conference lunch and shared their views. They also offered Kathy a lift to Melbourne Airport on her day of return. Relying on Mark and Laura, Kathy made no other travel arrangements. Subsequently, neither Mark, nor Laura turned up to take Kathy to Airport. Kathy later took an airport shuttle bus to Melbourne Airport but ultimately she missed her flight. Kathy had to buy a new ticket to travel back to Brisbane at considerable expense. Mark and Laura had to submit an assignment for Fundamentals of Law on the day of Kathy’s departure and therefore could not keep their promise. Mark and Laura later sent an email with an apology.
Required: Kathy seeks compensation for the loss she suffered due to the breach of promise made by Mark and Laura. Advise Kathy whether she is likely to be successful. Refer to relevant case laws in support of your advice.

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