Translation is a creative art. Explore this topic with special reference to what makes a good translation and discuss the problems that face translators Custom Paper

– what is translation?
– how is translation viewed (definitions)?
– general difficulties in translation
(linguistic : Words + structures/ stylistic/ideological and cultural?
+ examples
– fidelity and equivalent function?
– domestication and foreignisation (pp. 213-214)?
– postmodern views of translation (pp. 216-218) ?
– what makes a translation of a literary text successful or creative?

:123: look at translation creativity from:

the inherency perspective (reading a // focus on st features in terms of “fidelity” and “equivalence” as well as machine translation features (p.201).

the socio-cultural perspective (reading b+ pp. 209 -216): Translation as a cultural process in terms of domestication / foreignisation.

the postcolonial perspective : Reading c: (sengupta’s view of tagore’s self translation of his poetry into english to suit the expectations of the tl readers)
+ reading d : (loomba’s view about the cultural transformations of shakespeare’s plays in indian 19th and early 20th centuries); and how this is related to creativity.201)?

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