Topic: Learning Lessons from the History of Social Change Custom Paper

History provides a blueprint to which you can refer as you design approaches to improve the future.
Architects understand the importance of a blueprint to realizing a future vision. A blueprint, or plan,
that is informed by both the successes and failures of the past strengthens your vision for social
change. What mistakes can you learn from and avoid as it relates to past social change movements?
It is important to identify the factors that have made other movements successful in order to
organize your own social change efforts. To that end, in this discussion you identify and provide a
rationale for the factors you feel contribute to the success of social change movements.
To prepare for this Discussion:
•Review the Goldberg, Ling, and Gladwell articles for insight into lessons learned in social movements
of the past.
•Think about historical social movements that have had a direct impact on your life. Reflect on what
laws or social norms have been challenged, upheld, or changed, allowing for an improved quality of
life for you.
•Consider your perspective on the elements of historical social movements that have particular
relevance today.
•Bear in mind the strategies used by historical social movements and how they have built
momentum to today’s movements.
Post by Day 4 an explanation of the factors that contribute to the success of social movements. In
what ways can you pattern socially responsible action today after successful movements of the
past? What factors have changed over time and thus necessitate some differences in approach?
Support your assertions by making at least two references, in properAPA format, to your course

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