Topic After Reconstruction

The leading succeed be on a subject intercourse with issues occurring precedently Reconstruction, and the
second tally on a subject behind Reconstruction. The tally guidelines are:
1) elect an issue/subject in Tennesbehold narrative that interests you.
This can be triton in your greater province of consider, a themeal issue from your hometown or introduce occupation, absence of wonder. [ex. the fight of Shiloh, the Suffrage Movement, WWII, absence of wonder.];
2) meet span doctrines in erudite journals or essays in published collections on this issue or bound (Tennesbehold Historical Quarterly, Journal of East Tennesbehold Narrative, the West Tennesbehold Historical Society Monographs,
or some of the narrative journals through the database JSTOR on the library website.
3) learn the doctrines and behold if you can meet similarities or contradictions in the
doctrines encircling the subject as well-mannered-mannered as noticing the types of sources in the references minority used by each author;
4) transcribe a monograph explaining #3

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