To write an argumentative essay about who/what is responsible for “public” violence or how “public” violence should be perceived Custom Paper

Objective: To write an argumentative essay about who/what is responsible for “public” violence or how “public” violence should be perceived.

Questions of who is responsible for “public” violence are continually posed by the media. With gun violence at the forefront of daily news, it is hard to escape the arguments or opinions of broadcasters, writers, entertainers, or the general public. How an opinion or argument is viewed may be dependent upon who the audience is and how they perceive the material.

So, the question remains, who is responsible for “public violence?” Some would argue that violence is presented and perpetuated by Hollywood. Others would support the idea that exposure to video games or listening to songs with sordid lyrics are to blame. Whereas, many others would purport that individuals are a product of their environment, and parents as well as peers contribute to acts of violence,

Process: Read the article, “Video Mocking Celebrity Gun Control PSA Take Off” and watch the video embedded in the story located in the link. Then read the following articles located in the links that follow this assignment.

After reading the articles and viewing the video, write an essay arguing for the responsibility, hypocrisy, or acceptance of the role of violence within our society. Though gun control has become a highly reported topic, you may discuss other forms of violence (e.g. bullying, violence against women or children, etc.).
Also, if you choose to write about gun violence, resist writing about the pros and cons of gun control; however, you can include aspects of gun control in your essay.

You are required to use either the video and one of the articles or two articles* within your essay. Use evidence from the sources to further support or refute your ideas.

In your introduction, decide how to introduce your topic. Will you emphasize the entertainment industry, reports of war/street/domestic violence, or exposure to violent images? Also, set up the background, history, and/or problem of your topic; lead readers to your thesis/claim which will state your perspective.

In your body paragraph, if you choose particular images or news stories, give a brief description or a brief summary of the story as it relates to your thesis.

Your remaining paragraphs will be devoted to an analysis of your topic; in other words, you will discuss ways your topic makes its points and supports your thesis. Also, include who you think would disagree with the message or offer another opinion a person may have on the issue (From Current Issues 157).

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