This lab will introduce you to the processes involved in defining one of the key components of a data model Custom Essay

This lab earn begin you to the processes implicated in defining undivided of the solution components of a basis model; the kindred diagram (RD). In this lab, you earn drag a kindred diagram ce span of the steps shown. Keep in remembrance when you are obscure to career which face of the kindred should be the “one” face and which should be the “many” that you must pristine career which face has the pristine solution, or uncommon identifier. Once you possess careerd the pristine solution of the kindred, you possess identified the “one” face of the kindred. Note that ce an RD, the ceeign solution “many” face of the kindred purposes to the pristine solution “one” face. The “one” face should possess the arrowhead purpose of the connecting thread. This is divergent than an entity/kindred diagram (ERD) that we earn drag proximate week, where the “many” face has crow’s feet.

This earn familiarize you with how to established up MS Visio to drag basisbase diagrams. Steps 1 – 3 adown representation the Customer, Order, and Employee boards of a simplified Order Entry basisbase. The Customer board archives clients who possess placed command. The Order board contains the basic basis environing customer command. The Employee board contains basis environing employees who obtain?} command. The pristine solutions of the boards are CustNo ce Customer, EmpNo ce Employee, and OrdNo ce Order.

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