The writing assignment consists of an opinion paper commenting on the assigned topic Custom Paper

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The writing assignment consists of an opinion paper commenting on the assigned topic. Your grade will depend upon your ability to deliver a well-constructed, well-reasoned, well-written and cogently delivered argument supported by real data. I am also impressed with concise, well-written papers that tell a compelling, interesting and innovative story. You are limited to 3 pages maximum per paper – there is no minimum length as long as you are successful delivering your argument.

Topic (bases your paper on ONE of the following topics – choose whichever one you prefer):
Topic #1: Granovetter wrote his paper in the 1970’s yet his work has relevance to social networking and the way people connect digitally today. Read Granovetter’s paper and consider the digital environment that exists now – then formulate a position regarding the benefit/folly/usefulness/uselessness of Internet use today. Whether good or bad, what is your opinion? Does any of it make a difference in the world today? What type of implications (if any) does it have for you, your contemporaries and your future? What type of change (if any) is digital life driving? How will it (or will it) impact society, relationships and communication in the future?

PLEASE NOTE: Regardless of your topic choice, this is NOT a book report. My expectation is the paper will include highlights from your research in relation to your opinion of a particular aspect of social media and online networking that you feel is compelling (or not) in some way. Take a position, clearly state it and then build your case. I expect your argument to be backed up by anecdotal stories, personal experiences, data and research that support your position.

Tell me what you THINK, but be prepared to defend your position with skill, logic and facts. Grammar, sentence structure and originality of thought are also factors in the final grade. Make your argument interesting and provocative, but make it convincing.

It is up to you to choose your position and then persuade me to accept your point of view as valid. Create and defend your argument by providing concrete examples that highlight and support your argument (remember, you may use any form of personal anecdotes, online references, videos, articles, websites, whitepapers or any additional credible source that clearly connects to your arguement.

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