The research paper should focus on fiscal policy and the federal budget Custom Essay

The research paper should focus on fiscal policy and the federal budget. The main research question is: how do changes in income tax legislation affect the economy and the federal budget? Research the Bush tax cuts and whether the government should have let them expire or make them permanent. The following items must be included in your report:
1 How changes in taxes affect the economy, using the aggregate demand and aggregate supply curve framework as a reference.< 2 The amount of the federal budget and the budget deficit during the last four years 3 How taxes in general affect the budget deficit, and how the Bush tax cuts have affected the budget deficit – have they increased or decreased the deficit? 4 The details of the Bush tax cuts 5 Should the government have kept the Bush tax cuts or let them expire? This research paper should be 6 single-paced pages, NOT including references and graphs. banner1-a

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