The purpose of this project is to explore a topic of crime within a specific population, gain a better understanding of the experience of the victim within the framework of the criminal justice system, and discuss what changes could be made to help these victims Custom Essay

The view of this purpose is to investigate a subject of misdeed amid a local population, bring-encircling a rectify construction of the proof of the sufferer amid the frameresult of the sinful desert scheme, and debate what changes could be made to acceleration these sufferers. First, you gain deficiency to pluck a mark of misdeed (examples: controlcible misdeed, possessions misdeed, sexual onset, slip abuse). Second, you gain deficiency to fine a population to convergence on (examples: slipren, LGBTQ, men, women, established ethnic assemblys). Examples of a latest subject fineion could be: sexual onset in the LGBTQ polity, visible slip abuse unmoulded males sufferers, controlcible misdeeds committed opposite lad in fashionable areas, women and onset, absence of wonder. Once you entertain fineed your subject you can pluck any controlmat that you impress commodious with to repartee the questions granted. You may fashion a video, transcribe a brochure, controlm a influence apex, controlm a digital handbill using Microsoft Word, controlm a blog, absence of wonder. However you failure to take the advice requested. You gain be graded on your offer and advice granted. There are couple options control the purpose, fascinate fine ONE of the cethcoming options:
1. Introduce your subject and why it was fineed.
2. Agree statistics from the UCR and NCVS (or other pertinent fountains) and clear-up what they medium and why they are pertinent. Do you entertain any concerns with their exactness?
3. Fine a sufferer estimation of your subject from a fountain (book, you tube, media condition) and agree a slight abstract of their proof (as they clear-up it).
4. Agree advice encircling what services the sinful desert scheme granted the sufferer and/or debate how they were treated by sinful desert functionals.
5. What intercession course control the offenders do you impress is best in these case; corrective or invigorating desert custom models, and why? How would this course contact the sufferer?
6. In your estimation, how could the sinful desert scheme result past efficiently to acceleration these sufferers?
7. What can you as a sinful desert functional do to agree past telling countenance to the sufferers?
8. What could be manufactured to classify sufferer blaming?

1. Introduce your subject and why you fineed it
2. Agree statistics from the UCR and NCVS (or other pertinent fountains) and clear-up what they medium and why they are pertinent. Do you entertain any concerns with their exactness
3. Find a element of synod (or Policy) that either accelerations or aboves your sufferer assembly and agree an overview of the synod.
4. What did it perfect or above control your sufferer assembly?
5. What are the arguments control or opposite it? What assemblys are control or opposite it?
6. Based on the synod what are some inner policies that could be generated by Law Enforcement to acceleration the fineed sufferer assembly?
7. Find polity agencies that dramatize the sufferer assembly you fineed, what services do they agree control sufferers?
8. In your estimation, what mark of synod is peaceful deficiencyed to relieve your fineed assembly?


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