The purpose of this assignment is for you to address a question (or a short set of questions) about Internet law using both primary and secondary research materials Custom Paper

The purpose of this assignment is for you to address a question (or a short set of questions) about Internet law using both primary and secondary research materials. Primary materials include court opinions, statutes, and transcripts of Congressional hearings and debates. Secondary materials include books and articles in which scholars write about those primary materials.

Your research must focus on a neutral question. This can be a question that already has been discussed by scholars and/or courts, but it should be a question that has not been answered definitively. Identify a question that interests you! You can find a question in your assigned readings, in our class discussions, or in the news. You don’t have to do this alone. Talk to your professor and your classmates.

Requiring you to begin with a neutral question means you should not set out to prove a point. You do not know enough about Internet law to be sure of any point until after you have completed your research.

Your paper must contain the following sections:

1. A title page.

2. An introduction that set out the legal problem you want to explore and explains it. This section should include a real example or two that illustrate the problem, a clear statement of purpose (The purpose of this paper is to . . . .) and a clear statement of why yours is an important question (This is an important question because . . . . ). This section should be about two pages long.

2. A literature review that summarizes what legal scholars already have written about your topic.

The literature review is an essential part of an academic conference paper, an undergraduate honors thesis, a master’s project or thesis, and a Ph.D. dissertation. The literature review is designed to 1) familiarize the reader (and you) with what already has been written on the topic you have chosen to study; 2) demonstrate that the research you intend to undertake is original, that is, has not already been done or has not been done well or recently; and 3) show where the study you will perform fits into the general literature in the field, that is, what gap it will fill in the relevant body of knowledge.

A literature review is not an annotated bibliography. Neither is a literature review just a series of disjointed paragraphs, each of which summarizes a different article. The literature must be read, summarized, discussed, and analyzed, not just listed. You should categorize the literature you survey to make sense of it for yourself and your readers.

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