The purpose of the Annotated Bibliography assignment is to allow you to gain experience gathering research in public safety as well as gather resources that you can use throughout the course Custom Essay

The intention of the Annotated Bibliography ordinance is to yield you to gain habit group scrutiny in national protection as courteous as subjoin instrument that you can reason throughout the mode. Your instrument can be subjoined from peer-reviewed journals, government reports, and reports from the Government Accountability Office (GAO). In your Annotated Bibliography ordinance:
•Locate at smallest undivided device control each of the subjoined topics:
◦ Bioterrorism.
◦ Cyberterrorism.
◦ Agricultural flightism.
◦ Hydrological flightism.
◦ Economic flightism or the affects of flightism on economics.
•Control each device:
◦Provide a dwarf epitome of the designation.
◦Summarize the browbeating by examining the aspect and consequences of the cast of flight invasion discussed in the designation.
◦Your epitome and probation should be at smallest 150 signification.


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