The project is focused on a international database for two companies one located in Asia other US Custom Essay

The project is focused on a international database for two companies one located in Asia other US. Need Risk Assesment paper that will have the following bulletins: Risk Assessment: Document the vulnerabilities, threats and risks associated with your Database project. (Mention hackers, data integrity, hadrware failure, physical intrusion using usb sticks etc) Risk Likelihood and Impact: Rate the possibility of risk taking place and impact it would have upon organization, data integrity, public trust, hackers risk etc (simple table that will have the risks mentioned above, likehood and impact) Organizational requirements: Security requirements of the organization. Topics may include administrative and physical safeguards to protect company and customer data. Key Individuals and Access Rights: The key individuals who should have access to the system. Also address access rights for sub-contractors and any policies necessary to grant access on temporary basis. Security Policies: Proposed security polices for the new system and details of any organization security requirements needed. Security Items: Detailed suggestions of software, hardware, and other security measures required. (Secured network, firewall equipment, locks on a database room, card access to important database points etc ) Budget Impact: How will the security costs increase the proposed budget, if at all?

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