The novel “Sarah’s Key”: The novel moves back and forth from one subject/character to another subject/character Custom Paper

Answer the following questions in two separate essays, for a total of 3-4 typed pages. Do not repeat the questions; avoid the use of “I”, the personal pronouns, wherever possible, Brief quotations from the novel are acceptable. You are requiered to use quotes or paraphrases from the two book reviews (hand outs): Sam Sattler, “Book Chase,” and Peter- at Large, “The Buddha Diaries.” You may choose to agree or disagree with te critics.

Questions: 1. The novel moves back and forth from one subject/character to another subject/character. Is this an effective method to tell the story of Vel d’ Hiv? Discuss the reasons for your anser, providing specific examples from the novel.

2. As the story in “Sarah’s Key,” progresses, the characters undergo changes in their personalities and values, due to the changing circumstances presented in the novel Discuss this theme as it relates to THREE (3) of the following characters: Sarah, Julia, Eduoard, Mame, Bertrand, Zoe, William

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