The Literacy Needs of Adolescents in Their Own Words Custom Essay

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Rubric for Article Summary

Your review is easy to read. You have few, if any, mechanical errors, and they are not distracting to the reader.
You summarize the contents of the article in a concise and thorough section. You correctly cite the article using APA format.
You thoughtfully analyze the author’s main points. You critically evaluate any data presented.
You insightfully share your personal and professional reaction to the author’s ideas and relate it to your own experiences.
You apply the author’s ideas to your own classroom situation and reflect upon how these ideas might influence your own teaching –OR- you apply the author’s ideas to your school’s needs and culture and reflect upon how you would share the information with your staff.
You review a lengthy (3+ pages), detailed article from The Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy or The Reading Teacher. Your article is current, relevant, and discusses best practice and/or current research.

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