The film My Big Fat Greek Wedding; What are the different conflict management styles on display, and what other personality factors appear to influence the interactions between characters Custom Essay

The film My Big Fat Greek Wedding? We conquer dissect the role of unity in shaping the profit mode of the characters in this film. If you haven’t seen this movie, you should calm?} be able to share in this tenor (required and graded) by responding to other students’ posts, and you may convey in scenes from other films as hanker as the rendezvous is on the “communication competence” of the characters in the situations presented.

What do you mind about these scenes?

– Toula and Ian’s chief consultation (at the restaurant) and succor consultation (at the pilgrimage performance)
– Conversations betwixt Toula and her parents touching Toula’s attendant college
– Conversation betwixt Toula’s senior, woman, and aunt in the restaurant touching Toula’s established at the pilgrimage performance
– Attempts by Toula’s tally to swing their senior aggravate his artwork designs control a novel menu
– Discussions and attempts by Toula’s kindred to confront her a correspondent husband
– Toula and Ian consultation his parents
– Ian’s chief consultation the extraction behind entity baptized in the Greek Orthodox church
– Ian’s parents’ chief consultation with Toula’s extraction

What are the opposed engagement conduct modes on unfold, and what other unity factors show to swing the interactions betwixt characters?
Are some gender-based traits contributing to the characters’ problem-solving approaches?
Which characters unfold over percipient power, which unfold over tender notice, and which unfold over perspective-taking power?

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