The Engine of Globalization: Identify the engine that you think drives forces of globalization in East Asia? Custom Essay

The final research paper for ?Global East Asia? gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of one of the learning goals of 21st Century Challenge courses: Analyze a contemporary global issue from a multidisciplinary perspective.
1. Globalization and Culture. Describe the impact on the East Asian region of cultural influences coming from the West? especially from the U.S.?and analyze the ways East Asian popular culture flows in the opposite direction and circulates regionally. In your discussion, use the three major paradigms that describe globalization?s impact on culture (polarization/ homogenization/ hybridization).
2. Globalization and the Nation-State. Describe some of the ways globalization serves both to increase and, simultaneously, diminish nationalism and the role of the nation-state in East Asia. What different futures do hyperglobalizers and skeptics predict for the nation-state on the basis of such trends as global governance, emergence of a global imaginary, TNCs and NGOs, or global sports events such as the Olympic Games?
3. The Engine of Globalization. Identify the engine that you think drives forces of globalization in East Asia?is it primarily economic, political, cultural, ecological, ideological, or some combination of these interlocking dimensions? Be sure to discuss what you imagine East Asia might look like in the future influenced by the driving force (or forces) of globalization you identify.

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