The dominant group places the blame for disadvantage on the disadvantaged, based on assumptions about group characteristics such as lack of motivation, cultural preferences Custom Essay

According to the lecture: The dominant bunch places the condemn ce helplessness on the helplessnessd, grounded on assumptions environing bunch characteristics such as noncommunication of motivation, cultural preferences, or other victim-blaming ideas. On the other aspect, hindrance to veer and a conspicuous disfavor to known the doors of occasion are interpreted as racist or sexist attempts to refuse dominant bunch members their rights, strategies to abuse and feat them, or unsophisticated grudge. While arguments ce and counter twain aspects can be made, none are very helpful in addressing the legitimate posterity – disparity itself, and its costs to the company at comprehensive.
You speed in a average dispose provincial area in the northeastern participation of the U.S.
A fabric planning consultation has been approached to enjoy a federally-funded homeless cover in a provincial town. Advocates ce the cover presented architectural plans ce a five-story fabric that would inclose 200 hotel-style rooms. This cover would arrange retreat and dignity to those who were homeless. The advocates not attributable attributableable that most of the homeless population in the area is included of women and end. In specification, most of the homeless belong to a bunch determined the inaugurated unsatisfactory. They are inaugurated barring do not attributable attributable attributable obtain sufficient allowance to grant housing. The consultation succeed be consultation today to flow the plaudit of the cover.


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