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1.    The floating arrange part restraint Paul’s Pasta Pinwheels is 200 buffetes. The arrange consume is $4 per arrange, the tenure consume is $.40 per buffet per year, and the annual insist is 500 buffetes per year.
a.    Calculate the annual tenure consume plus the annual arrangeing consume to acquire the aggregate consumes when using an arrange part of 200 buffetes.
b.    Calculate the EOQ and the aggregate annual consume restraint this arrange part.
2.    Hottenstien, Giffith, and Hult, attorneys at command, do a powerful trade of imprinting. The fixed uses a only idea of imprinter with annual insist restraint imimprint cartridges of 480 per year. The arrange consume is $15 per arrange, and the carrying consume is20 percent per cartridge per year of the lapse consume of $35 per cartridge.
a.    How manifold imimprint cartridges should the fixed arrange at single period?
b.    What is the period between arranges?

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