Teaching Analysis: Identify or design three different instruments for collecting data during classroom observations Custom Paper

Identify or design three different instruments for collecting data during classroom observations. In
your paper, briefly describe the three instruments and give the reasons why they were chosen.
Use the instruments to collect data during a classroom observation. You may use all three
instruments during different times in the same observation or revisit the same teacher. We are
guests at the schools, so we will fit the assignment around the opportunities provided.
Please remember to assure the teacher being observed and your supervisor that you are NOT
evaluating the teacher; rather, you are practicing your observation skills. Although your report will
include an analysis of the teaching and a plan for providing feedback, it is NOT necessary that you
give these findings to the teacher or supervisor. If your mentor does not want you completing this
assignment in your placement, please let me know and we will find you an opportunity to complete
the assignment in another context.
Please remember to follow standard program requirements in writing your paper.
After you have collected the data, analyze it in light of what you currently know about teaching
and learning and devise a feedback plan. The report you give me will include:
1. A description of the three instruments and why they were chosen (attach the completed
instrument with data to the report).
2. An analysis of each data set and a summary analysis of the teaching/learning that you observed.
Use references where ever appropriate. Remember that the best analyses are informed by what is
currently known about teaching and learning.
3. A feedback plan stating how you would present the findings to the teacher if you were the
teacher’s supervisor. Refer to Glickman, Gordon, and Ross-Gordon (2007) , chapters 8-11, 13-16 for
helpful information.

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