Taxation Policy and Structure Custom Essay

The purpose of the paper: The analysis of the structure of the Canadian tax system, its role and its performance in attaining social goals versus African countries.
I. Intro (big pictures on why the Canadian tax policy seems to work compared to developing countries)
(Examples of topics for an intro on developing countries)
In developing countries with emerging markets, and especially in those that aim at becoming integrated with the international economy, tax policy must pay a particularly sensitive role. In these countries, the tax system should:
1- Raise enough revenue to finance essential expenditures without recourse to excessive public sector borrowing;
2- Raise the revenue in ways that are equitable and that minimize its disincentive effects on economic activities;
3- Do so in ways that do not deviate substantially from international norms.

II. Level and Composition of Tax Revenue
III. Policy issues in Selected Major Taxes
a. Personal Income Tax
b. Corporate Income Tax
c. Value-added Tax
d. Tax Incentives
IV. Challenges Ahead
(Example of challenges for developing countries)
1. The structure of the economy that makes it difficult to impose and collect certain taxes;
2. The limited capacity of the tax administration;
3. The poor quality of basic data;
4. The political set up is less amenable to rational tax policy compared to developed countries.

V. Concluding Remarks and what can Canada learn from African countries and vice-versa.

– The paper should show a good understanding of the existing tax system in Canada, an awareness of available options and issues, and the conceptual basis for assessing the current system and alternatives and compare it to developing countries in Africa.
– Use of 3 online sources from IMF, WB, OECD, Gov�t of Canada, etc.
– Insert at least 2 tables (or charts), integrated

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