Supply Chain and Operations Management (BMW) CARS Custom Paper

This assignment requires you to consider a manufacturing company of your choice. It may be an organisation that you work for, know well or are simply interested in. It is important however that the company has a manufacturing element to it.
Using the company you have selected as a case study, you are required to examine the supply chain for a singular product made by your case study company.
You should pay particular attention to:
� How suppliers are chosen and managed
� The production process
� The management and distribution channels
� The importance of the end customer
You are expected to produce a report detailing your findings
The student has clearly identified a case study company and shows in an in-depth level of understanding and research into the case study company.
The report shows detailed research and a wider reading both in regard to the case study and theoretical concepts.
The student is able to apply relevant theories and academic concepts to the real-world scenarios and the business context of their chosen case study.
The report details a single product at various stages of the supply chain, whilst the student is able to demonstrate their ability to critique business decisions.
The report is professionally presented and shows the students high level of written communication skills.

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