Strathfield Health Centre Case; the need for a comprehensive health centre in the Strathfield region Custom Essay

Strathfield Health Centre (SHC) was established in 2003 by 6 energetic young doctors who saw the need for a comprehensive health centre in the Strathfield region. The region has seen a significant growth in terms of population in the past 5 years with a prediction of continuous growth in the next decade. The population growth in the region has had a significant impact on SHC. Each year since its opening, the centre has served more and more client and it is expected that within a couple of years the number of SHC clients will grow to a nightmare proportion for the administration of the centre.
Recently, a meeting was convened by dr. Louis Lima, the head of the centre, to discuss various issues at the centre. Bridgitte Beaumonte, the office manager, requested two additional clerks to be employed to handle the increasingly complex administration processes and procedures. Although this request was granted, there was a realisation by the key members of SHC that hiring new staff will only serve as a temporary solution to the problem. Dr. Louis Lima tabled a suggestion to get an external consultant to work with the SHC members in developing a comprehensive information system that could assist SHC staff in performing their duty.
As business analysts of the consultancy team, your team have been assigned to analyse the processes at SHC and to make recommendations with regards to what could be done to improve the efficiency and effectiveness at SHC.


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