Social Problem: What is the problem? Custom Essay

Social Problem:
What is the problem?
Extent of problem?
Who defines this as a problem?
Who disagrees?
Related social Values?
Competing Social Values?
Underlying causes or factors?

What is the general goal?
Are there Subgoals?
Do the subgoals conflict?

What is/are relevant public policies?
IF there are no public policies, why?
What are the objectives of the policies?
Are there hidden agendas?
Who supports the policies?
Who opposes the policies?
What is/are the social programs implemented as a result of the policies?
Are the programs effective?

Affected Populations:
Who is touched by the policy and programs?
Are there positive effects?
Are there negative effects?

Intended impact:
What was supposed to be the result?
Who was supposed to have been affected?
How was the social problem supposed to have been changed?

Actual Impact:
Costs and benefits?
Is the social problem changed?
If so, how?
Are there unintended results?

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