Social and economic dilemmas resulting from chinese labor laws Custom Paper

Intro to topic, as written by myself -> The longstanding lack of structure and regulation within the labor market in the country of China has led to a host of emerging inequality issues within genders, education levels and age groups. I am interested in how the traditional and minimally adjusted labor laws in the country have led to the problems now becoming evident within the work force of all ages. Resulting from an ongoing presence of children participating in the country’s workforce, we see many negative byproducts. One such problem is the secondary consideration for educating children, as many families see opportunity for the child to be a contributor to the earned income for their household. There are several other issues stemming from this tradition of children’s early developing role in the workforce. I see this problem as potentially one of the greatest that the youths in China are now facing, and as a problem which also impacts older generations ability to find their role in the labor market.

Focus: the labor market’s contribution to wage inequality across all ages of workers, educational opportunity inequalities between genders (with consideration for the one-child policy), and what measures the country is taking to implement working solutions for these issues.

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