Sister Carrie and the typical Contemporary Women Custom Essay

In order to write this essay, the book “Sister Carrie” must be read by the writer. Answer the question below, and write a well-argued, evidence-backed, thesis-driven essay. Do not use the first person narrative voice, and do not restate the exact wording of the question as a way of filling space in the opening paragraph. Do not retell the plots or waste space explaining what the novel was about, and so on. Use the paper to argue points, not remind the reader what happened in the original text. QUOTE FROM THE TEXTS as a means of demonstrating that your argument is grounded in an analysis of the narratives and themes of the texts. Exact quotes from the text are to an academic essay in the humanities what numbers, diagrams, graphs, and charts are to a corporate report: you need both the show and the tell.

Dreiser was writing about Carrie’s disposition, dreams and social role at a time when Americans were making the transition from the 19th-century women’s movement to the 20th-century image of voting, working middle-class women. How does Carrie, in her experiences, ideals, and decisions, compare to contemporary real or fictional women? (i.e., to Amanda from Bright Lights, to Carrie from “Sex & The City,” to the archetypal or typical contemporary woman?)

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