Single Page Letter to a hypotheitcal website development company

This ordinance challenges the student to conceive creatively.
The deliverable is a single-page communication addressed to a contingently website crop guild.

Place yourself in the role of a negotiateing magistrate in a contingently unshaken who is launching a novel effect that needs to be negotiateed.

Your unshaken has agreed to engage a functional website crop guild to negotiate your effect. The website developer needs the subjoined information:
• A pigmy name of the effect
• A name of the negotiate channels
• A name of the arrangement channels

APA format is referable required, yet just academic congeniality is expected.

This ordinance uses a grading rubric. Instructors succeed be using the rubric to progression the ordinance; for-this-reason, students should retrospect the rubric earlier to preparation the ordinance to behove free with the ordinance criteria and expectations for prosperous drift of the ordinance.

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