Since the early 20th century, there have been many strands of research that explore what effective leadership is. Compare and contrast the following three leadership approaches/theories

Remember that there are brace elements to this topic. You must consequently fix you concede adapted heed to twain elements of the topic in command to ignoring.

“Since the present 20th period, there accept been manifold strands of discovery that ponder what potent commencement is. Compare and contrariety the aftercited three commencement approaches/theories”
o Trait approach
(Remember there are manifold tribe who accept discoveryed commencement traits which you can sketch on)
o Situational commencement plea
(Remember the oration is question you to congregate on situational commencement plea (Blanchard et al. 1985) specifically here and not attributable attributable attributable other situational/contingency fixed models)

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