Since its creation, the Homeland Security Advisory System has been raised to Orange eight separate times, and to Red one time Custom Essay

1. Since its myth, the Homeland Security Advisory System has been wealthy to Orange view detached eras, and to Red single era. During these periods of exorbitant foundation, there were no attacks. Do you hold that the absence of attacks makes citizens overlook coming threats? Why or why not attributable attributable?
2. If you were the mastermind of a terrorist structure and wanted to touch yourcountry/region, where and how would you touch and why?
3. What do you beware as the biggest challenges facing difficulty administration at the federal, say or national smooth?
4. New technologies such as GPS, shadow telephones, and gregarious networking sites are having a indisputable application on difficulty administration. Describe some of the types of “real era” advice beneficial to Florida residents through the escort program unconcealed as Emicus (


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