Show me what is core competition in the case and where is it in Italian fashion Custom Paper

a) Show me what is core competition in the case and where is it in Italian fashion.
b)Innovation and cost , mapping out the industry and market as a way to describe Italian fashion.
c) Need to know what is the business model, need to show me how is a business model and core competition fix together in the Italian fashion from the case.
d)Red Ocean strategy & Blue Ocean Strategy, How do fashion houses in Italy create Blue Ocean. Did they have Blue Ocean and Red Ocean. How to protect there Blue Ocean.
e) People issue CSR ( Corporate social responsibility ) mission, vision, stake holder, people, stakeholder analysis.
f) Show alliances and corporation in Italian fashion

q1: from your reading of the case study Italian fashion, What would you identify as the core competence(ies) of Italian fashion?
Q2: briefly summarize the market position of Italian fashion, what do you think is the Italian fashion major strength and what you think is its major weakness?
Q3: from information in the case what you might realistically surmise, constructs a basic 5 forces framework to describe the competitive position facing Italian fashion.
Q4: the production of Italian fashion unproductive and repeated attempts to improve productivity have failed to reach level achieved in other fashion industry, what would you advice Italian fashion should do? Identify a range of alternative strategy and justify the alternative you feel offers the best way forward.

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