She is considering 3 major attributes that she considers important in her choice: ranking, price, and location Custom Essay

Roshima is researching universities where she could con-over control her MBA order. She is because 3 elder indications that she considers leading in her choice: ranking, charge, and residuum. The compute she places on each indication, nevertheless, differs according to whether she dregs liberal-interval populated during her studies or quits her lesson and focuses on her order. If she continues to achievement liberal interval and takes perfect her courses online, then ranking is the most leading indication, twice as leading as charge and three intervals as leading as residuum. If she quits her lesson and attends instruct liberal interval, then residuum becomes three intervals as leading as ranking and twice as leading as charge. She is because brace universities, respectively, the MBA program at Arizona State University (ASU) and the MBA program at University of Phoenix (UOP), twain of which are charged at approximately $25,000. She has rated each indication on a lamina of 1 to 100 control each of the brace instructs.


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