Select an organization or department to analyze and prepare a strategic plan to grow the business or organization over the next three years Custom Essay

Select an construction or function to awaken and equip a strategic project to enlarge the trade or construction balance the contiguous three years. Describe the construction or function. In your bud, grasp the following: 1. A term of what makes this construction or function separate. 2. What is the general order of the construction or the function? 3. Conduct a fast SWOT decomposition to indicate areas that adduce opportunities ce substitute. 4. Choose three or lewd areas from your SWOT decomposition that you affect are severe to your strategic project. 5. Illustrate why the areas you feel selected are promotive to your strategic project. Use theories and examples from your quotation and additional instrument to stay your rationale. 6. Lastly, illustrate your project to gauge the achievement of your strategic project. Remember to weld notification that you feel literary from this career as polite as your personal knowledge. Writing the Final Project Abraham, S. C. (2012). Strategic Management ce Constructions. Retrieved from

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