Role of Gender and Problems of Homelessness in Vancouver Custom Essay

The focus of this research essay will be to examine problem of homelessness in Vancouver. The essay should explore the role that gender plays in determining how people become homeless as well as the reasons why these people are homeless.
I already have written the proposal for this paper and my prof has marked it. Her comments are at the end of the proposal in colour red. Please make sure to address everything that she has asked for and everything that is in the proposal. Also, the most important thing is to have 10 scholarly anthropological sources with minimum 8 for this paper. I have found some sources myself and make sure to use them, but not all are scholarly anthropological sources.
In addition to these scholarly sources you have to also address a book calls "Safe Haven: The Story of a Shelter for Homeless Women" by Bridgman. Try to find the online version of the book and if it is not available try to find a review of the book, so you could get an idea of it and address the book in the research paper. If you could not do that, I will probably scan the whole book and send it (which is really unnecessary as long as you find a good review of this book it should be more than enough).

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