Research a current issue in relation to the topics; the body, sexuality, the politics of reproduction, work, or aggression Custom Essay

select one of the following topics we have enclosed this semester: the body, sexuality, the politics of reproduction, work, or aggression. Research a present issue in relation to the topic. (You might start with a appraisal of some of the following web sites: Bitch Magazine:; Feminizing:, Jezebel:; Racialicious:
XY (Feminist Men’s website):
Discuss the matter, analyzing its significance in relation to sex. How does this issue affect women? How does it influence men? Consider how sexual category standards are at work. What gender typecasts are in play? Be sure to include your understanding of the topic in relation to at least one of the following issues: class, race, disability, and/or sexual direction.
Essay Requirements:
For this essay assignment, you have to answer the questions above based on your psychoanalysis of the chosen topic. You must incorporate key concepts from the PowerPoint on your topic into your paper in order to show a mastery of the topic. You also must reference one reading from Reading Women’s Lives as well as one online reference concerning the topic. Your paper should express an in-depth understanding of the topic and an aptitude to think critically concerning the topic. I am also looking for correct grammar, sentence configuration, and organization. Therefore, it is vital to make sure you read, reread, and revise your paper as necessary. You may employ any of the assigned readings from Reading Women’s Lives, material assigned on Blackboard, your notes from lectures, and any additional materials to help plan your arguments. Your essay should be between 500-700 words and should be presented through Safe Assign on Blackboard.
Essay Rubric and Grade Breakdown:
For this essay assignment, you will be graded on how well you develop your disagreement and how methodically and concisely you support your quarrel through the following criteria:
Thesis and Content (Development)

The essay has a unique thesis—a single, central point that is attractive, specific, and substantial. The thesis is very well urbanized and supported in the essay through well-chosen, appropriate, concrete examples from the texts you cite. There is a clear and well urbanized explanation of how the evidence supports your thesis. Generalizations and assertions are defended. Arguments are rational.

The essay is organized and well structured (there is a beginning, a body, and a conclusion). The essay exhibits a clear strategy for persuasion and pattern of growth (chronological order, spatial order, contrast/contrast, etc.). The organization works with the thesis so that the theory and the organization strengthen the in general argument. Essay does not digress from central point. Transitions help the paper flow smoothly. Preliminary paragraph(s) is (are) interesting and appropriate. Concluding paragraph restates quarrel and addresses meaning of theme.

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