Reflective Journal: Reflective writing is a skill and one that requires practice and development Custom Paper

This part of this assignment is individual. As you are performing part 1 you will be required to maintain a reflective journal capturing your experiences as part of the presentation team. You will be required to make three 600 word journal entries (start, middle, end) from the allocation of the assignment to the period after the receiving of feedback on the presentation day.

Reflective writing is a skill and one that requires practice and development. This style of writing is keen to address the ‘why’ and ‘how’ rather than the ‘what’ and ‘when’. Hence it naturally leads to analysis of personal performance, group dynamics and problem solving. Rather than detailing the activities your group performs in a descriptive format you should write reflectively and critically on the management of your group, what issues you face and specifically how you would improve future practice. Some examples of this can be found in the following two statements; the first is overly descriptive and non-critical, the second is reflective and critical but importantly including a plan for future action.

Descriptive example: (grammar original as per author)
On the presentation day, we linked up the information of each member to form the final presentation which we presented in the class. Unfortunately we run over time this was largely due to adding Manchester United sponsor’s commercials to show how different brands are using popularity of Manchester United to their benefit creating win-win situation for both.

Reflective Example:
Our presentation ran over time for two reasons. While the sponsor’s benefits were important to discuss it is unlikely that it added much value to the overall presentation. The main reason that we ran over time was naivety in the division of work tasks into separate sections and then only putting them together on the day of the presentation. In future I should have been more assertive to ensure that we at least ran through the presentation as a group before we did it in front of the class.

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