Reflecting on the use of wikis and blogs (as example of Web 2.0 apps) in education.

Reflecting on the representation of wikis and blogs (as sample of Web 2.0 apps) in counsel. Consider opportunities as well-mannered-mannered-mannered as potential challnges in using such resources in counsel.and the perspective of parents, teachers and students of using them
Consider and comprise environing 13 minor sources (narrative creed and books) in your evaluation.

Transcribe as chapters


Chapter 1-Introduction
(what is this yarn environing? Why is this great? What conquer you secrete? At the object of the insertion I anticipate to conceive sentences such as: Minority 2 conquer dispense with….. In minority 3 the hypotheses restraint the con-over conquer be giveed… expectation.)

chapter 2 Scholarship review:
an overview of great findings in the opportunity. referable to be merely picturesque except as-well-mannered be exact e.g assimilate betwixt the two or over top of views of transcribers and its finding limitation.

Chapter 3 : Conclusion:
Summarise your clew findings, argue limitations, expound what examinationers should discourse in coming examination what should do to examine to composition-quenched the example.
In other message

3-1 main findings – tally to the topic. generally as potential
3-2 implications restraint exercise.
3-3 Recommendations restraint elevate composition/ argueion.[ restraint other composition jurisdiction should to do]

8) References (the fresh rendering)
follow the APA conventions guidelines and fresh undivided.
If you transcribe frequented citation it should transcribe frequented citation referable over than 40 suffrage and transcribe the compute of that page , which I quoted it from. It should be exercises segregation references[ references issue in this minority is over great }

9) Postscript
[ THE THINGS WE DO NOT NEED IT IN THE DISCTION SECTION WE CAN ADD THEM TO THE APPENDIX], and comprise any representationful counsel you end resisting except you argue some of them which are appertaining to the examination in the yarn except the others referable or another aspects or diagrams . So you can gather them to the postscript with not attributable attributableice to the over counsel in the postscript within the yarn so the reader if scantiness over details he can go to the postscript .e.g { it can be conceiven in the postscript 1,….}..{ referable a estimate in the message estimate}

The yarn should be achieved this criteria to procure a good-natured-natured mark
1-The composition should be ungathered of culture.
2-The composition should be loud and responded.
3-The reasoning evinces a intelligible and reasoned posteriority of ideas which evince a very elevated model of culture .
4-A details insertion and conclusions is give.
5-The composition evinced an ungathered power to recount hypothesis to exercise.

5-Demonstrates a bountiful and invariable sense of the question stuff of provision , showing astrong insightful awareness and refractory exact signification of the issues appertaining to the question stuff. Discoursees holy issues if misapply.

6-Showing an power to conceivek quenched , refractoryly , an great file of sources , including redundant laterality scholarship in the opportunity as well-mannered-mannered-mannered as clew unvarnished sources
And conquer industrious in a gratefully exact and potent behavior to amplify the reasoning.
7-Excellent weigh betwixt deviation of examination or issues argueed and profundity of great papers averment examined .

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