Reading Strategies Custom Essay

Take a seem at the lection needs of your rankroom. Based on your observations and preceding assessments, cull undivided of the strategies (think/pair distribute temporization in a kindergarten rank ) After training and modeling the temporization, enjoy the students manifestation the temporization (either inconsequently or in groups) ce a lection ordinance.
• Describe how the temporization worked.

•What was auspicious?

•What would you do apart present period?

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Meditation Journal
After lection, rejoin to the subjoined questions in your meditation journal:

1. Explain the unlikeness among brace students in rank.(a kindergarten rank)
2. List strategies you enjoy manifestationd to acceleration diagnose their lection problems.(thinking sonorously, predicting, visualizing or any ohers)
3. How were these strategies auspicious?
4. Explain the growth of these brace students.

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