Qualitative Research Review: What is the research question? Why is this research question important? Custom Paper

1. What is the research question? Why is this research question important?
2. What is the author’s understanding of the issue? Describe the concepts in writing, and also provide a sketch of the relationships between the key concepts.
3. Consider the author’s findings. What are the author’s key indicators of the concepts? Describe the observed relationships if any between the key indicators.
4. How good is the match between the conceptual model and the empirical model?
Does the evidence presented give you more or less confidence that the research question has been answered? Why?
5. How did the author arrive at his or her evidence? What are the key advantages of the chosen research design? What are the key disadvantages?
6. Suggest a (feasible) way to address the shortcomings you see in this research, either using the available data or by collecting additional evidence.
7. Any other comments on the methodology in the article you have chosen?

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